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Festive and virtuosic, like a flight of a moth, a game of accordions in the confluence with a delayed bass accordion buttn type and a clear rhythm of the musicians gets and does not leave indifferent neither the youth nor the older generation.

Sergey Chipurnov
Sergey Chipurnov(Accordion Button Type, Bass Accordion Button Type)
Oxana Korna
Oxana Korna(Accordion Button Type)
Evgeny Lyskov
Evgeny Lyskov(Accordion, Bass Accordion Button Type)



The project is created as an instrumental, with elements of vocals. It includes bayanists ex-PuttinBeatles – participants of numerous rock music festivals in Russia, Belarus, Finland, Great Britain, etc.

At a certain point, the musicians decided to join forces in translating world hits from the language of rock music into the language of folk instruments, and as a result, an interesting combination of incongruous: on the one hand, the melodiousness and breadth of the Russian accordion, on the one hand, and the driving and springy rhythm rock and roll.

Unusual composition (accordion, accordion, bass monophonic) allows you to pick the key to the hearts of the most demanding and demanding audience.

In the repertoire – the original own reworkings of world hits Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, Nirvana, etc.

Style – folk-rock, ethno-rock, world music.

“AccordionRock is the comprehension of rock music through the Russian telescope on Russian folk instruments. Exclusive, and only!”

The first interview with Fedor Chistyakov (“Zero”)


The life of musicians is interesting and hard, every day is not like the previous one – rehearsals, concerts, festivals, cooperation with other musicians, participation in shows on television and much more you will find in our gallery.

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