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Any art seeks to become music, and the most energetic, positive and deep music of the last years is the music that will be performed on January 16, on the World Beatles Day. On this festive evening very diverse artists will perform on stage. This approach to concerts is the hallmark of the Beatles Music Holidays:

  • AccordionRock
  • Marina Kapuro
  • Mitki and Vladimir Rekshan
  • gr. Because
  • Splash Point from Liverpool Club
  • gr. Number 9
  • London
  • Vladimir Vasilyev and Milena Vavilova from the Singing Guitars.

And all of them – under the leadership of our permanent leader – writer and musician Leonid Tikhomirov.
The Beatles in their songs touched those wonderful strings of the soul, which inspire a person to live in its best manifestations, learn to love and appreciate its every moment.