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October 9 B-day of John Lennon

October 9 Начало в 19:00 - 23:00

We decided to combine efforts in translating world hits from the language of rock music into the language of folk instruments, and as a result, an interesting combination of incongruous: on the one hand, the melodiousness and breadth of the Russian accordion, on the one hand, and the drive and springy rhythm of rock-n-roll.
Original style, drive, sincerity and subtle musical humor are the hallmark of AccordionRock participants on stage and in life.


“The only team in the world that performs all the well-known hits of rock on the bayan’s lovely Russian heart.Festive and virtuosic, like a flight of a moth, their play in the fusion with a delayed bass bayan and a clear rhythm of the musicians gets and does not leave indifferent neither the youth nor the older generation, neither Russian, nor foreigners.”

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