Accordion Rock at the Alexei Kozlov Jazzclub (video)

Presentation of the project took place in Moscow in a chamber jazz club atmosphere of Alexei Kozlov club. Without special scenic wonders, Accordion Rock face to face with the audience, and was tested the watchful eye of the front row, staring into the eyes of musicians. We were a bit worried, but I think everything turned out! For you the first official video of this show!

Recorded at the premiere of the project in Moscow. 04/15/2015
Photo: Olesya S. Los (

2 comments on “Accordion Rock at the Alexei Kozlov Jazzclub (video)

  1. Животики рвутся — от неожиданных поворотов. Крутой эксперимент!

  2. Класс!!! Одна из красивейших (и любимых) битловских вещей в такой интересной интерпретации!!! Умеете вы, однако!!!

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