We are

«Accordion Rock is a new music project. The main idea is to play popular classic rock songs on the Russian-style button accordion. Our task is not just to play cover versions: we try to translate the world hits from the language of rock music into the language of ethnic folk-music (and, maybe, create some fusion of both?).»


«We love the Russian-style button accordion, and we have chosen an unusual collection of tunes for this great instrument. We love rock music and try to expand the idea of which way rock music should be played and what new musical instruments and sounds can be used. We believe that music should be fun and enjoyable. And we do it!»
«This work has begun only recently, in December 2014. Musicians involved into this project tried to do something similar before. And now we are together to join forces to implement this idea in full!»

Now — Accordion Rock are:

fedorFedor Chistyakov — Button accordion, Monophonic bass-accordion

oxaOxana Korotkaya — Button accordion

Sergey Chipurnov — Button accordion, ROLAND button accordion.

Евгений Лысков - Аккордеон.Eugine Lyskov — Accordion